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Lieu Ile-de-France zones 2 à 3 Date de démarrage Start date : 01-Oct-2019, Close to Paris-La-Défense Durée Envisioned End date : 30-Jun-2020
Expérience / Langue English
Job purpose:

- Develop functional and technical architecture.
- Design end to end solution architecture and integration between different components and layers that include existing applications, enterprise data lake, API’s and API gateway. 
- Ensure alignment to the overall Enterprise Architecture.
- Work proactively to identify and resolve architectural issues and ambiguities.
- Ensure compliance with enterprise data governance and information management standards.
- Work with the development teams and product owners and business champions to ensure technical alignment, feasibility and success of the technical solutions, the current Minimum Viable Product and from a  long term prospective
- Contribute to the digital governance structure, business processes, and business information. 
- Guiding the development of business unit IT architecture by identifying and enabling capabilities and gaps.
- Deliver rationalized roadmaps that drive more detailed planning and project execution.
- Develop an integrated view of the enterprise using a repeatable approach, cohesive framework, and available industry standard techniques.

Reports to the Manager of  Enterprise Architecture Team, based in the US

Job scope: 
- Develop conceptual, functional, and technical architecture for major initiatives
- Map business requirements to capabilities and application solutions.
- Engage extended architectural team to create conceptual architecture diagrams
- Identify impacts on existing systems.
- Coordinates with other external teams and architects to communicate technical dependencies and requirements
- Propose technical solutions and resolve architectural ambiguities
- Day-to-day support for developers on how to implement features
- Define the set of strategic, core, and support processes that transcend functional and organizational boundaries; identify and describe external entities such as customers, suppliers, and external systems that interact with the business; and describe which people, resources, and controls are involved in the processes.
- Define the data shared across the enterprise and the relationships between that data.
- Participate in enterprise architecture development, including business architecture, information architecture, application portfolio and technical architecture.
- Seek ways to apply new technology to, and reuse existing technology for, business processes; research and provide information on technical trends and competitors' practices relevant to assigned line of business associates.
- Facilitate development of cross business unit solutions using knowledge of particular business processes and issues, and general technological options.

Must have: 

- A broad, enterprise-wide view of business and an appreciation for strategy, processes and capabilities, enabling technologies, and governance.
- The ability to apply Enterprise Architecture principles to business solutions.
- The ability to assimilate and correlate disconnected documentation and drawings and articulate their collective relevance to the organization and to high-priority business issues.
- Experience using model-based representations that can be adjusted as required to collect, aggregate, or disaggregate complex and conflicting information about the business.
- Extensive experience planning and deploying both business and IT initiatives.
- Experience modeling business processes using a variety of tools and techniques.
- Understand technology/digital market trends
- Experience with architecting and designing with cloud technologies and evaluating cloud solutions. 
- Exceptional communication and facilitation skills and the ability to communicate appropriately at all levels of the organization. This includes written, verbal and visualization communication skills.
- The ability to act as liaison conveying information needs of the business to IT and technical constraints to the business.
- The ability to balance business strategy and IT strategy, business initiatives and IT initiatives.  
- Highly effective team player, able to work effectively at all levels of an organization with the ability to influence others to move toward consensus.
- Strong situational analysis and decision-making abilities.
- Ability to travel

Nice to have: 
- TOGAF certification preferred but not required.
- Knowledge on Product Lifecycle Management Implementation and/or Digital Twin development.

Work experience: 
- Ten or more years of IT and business/industry work experience including architecture design and deployment, systems lifecycle management, and infrastructure planning and operations.

Minimum education level: 
- Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems / Business /Management.  
- Master’s degree a plus.

Envisioned Start date : 01-Oct-2019

Envisioned End date : 30-Jun-2020

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Data,Architecture Technique du SI

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